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SEO (natural referencing) and editorial content creation

Creating effective, sustainable and noticeable content on Google can be overwhelming these days. To do this, our team opts for several digital strategies such as the optimization of natural referencing and the choice of high quality content, adapted to the needs of your business, among many other strategies.

SEO agency in Montreal

Our agency, specialized in SEO, aims to hoist your website to a strategic and optimal positioning on Google and to ensure its maintenance. In other words, our goal is for your website to be processed by the search engine’s algorithm and ranked among the first results in a search.

Through our belief in accelerating your digital growth, our websites are created to ensure:


The best visibility on search engines;

For a site to be viewed, it must be visible. We adopt SEO-optimized business strategies to ensure that your site is visible on search engines and ranked among the first results.


A synergy with your field, your company or your industry;

Our heightened competitive market analysis along with our web marketing know-how will allow us to build a unique website that will set your business apart and maximize your budget.


Constant and repeated updates;

In order to guarantee the maximum exploitation and durability of your website, our agency offers maintenance services providing daily updates and preventing possible breaches in the security of data, the performance of your pages and speed of execution. Always with the aim of making each customer experience specific.


The best execution and download speed;

Did you know that 80% of internet users decide to leave a site after viewing only the first page; a problem caused in particular by a lack of execution speed? Our goal is to make every customer experience unique by ensuring they stay on your website and providing them with the best possible execution and download speeds.


Easy communication between platforms thanks to hyperlinks;

Internal networking – a marketing method aimed at optimizing SEO that consists of the development of hyperlinks between the pages of a site – allows better navigation between the different subjects covered on your pages and better visibility of your website on search engines.


Good customer support and a knowledgeable technical team

Since the implementation of many of these strategies depends on the capabilities of each ecommerce platform, it will be critical to maintain a relationship with that platform’s support team to ensure that your store is up and running. line follows these important SEO recommendations.


A user-friendly, modern and aesthetic platform;

Our team is equipped with the best specialists in the field of graphics, copywriting and web design to create functional and sellable websites. Creating a brand image is a priority in itself for the success of your business.


Development of external links to your website;

Traffic generation, otherwise called “backlinks”, is without a doubt the most essential tool to add to your keychain. The more inbound links your website has, the more strategic and optimal it will get on Google.


Track changes

It’s extremely important to track and identify known (and unknown) page changes that can negatively impact your SEO program. Tracking changes is another great point that will save you a tremendous amount of time and allow you to capture things that you would otherwise have missed.


We all know that internet users can sometimes be critical when it comes to choosing a website. By putting yourself in a user’s shoes, you can think about how quickly you change websites if something closes on the one you’re currently browsing.

Too often overlooked, web content is the gateway through which your customers can understand your services and offered products. It needs to be interesting, informative, and fun to read in order to make your business stand out and successful, and turn prospects into real customers.

Writing adapted to the needs of the company and to the target audience;

Adapting the editorial style to the audience demonstrates great dexterity. For both popular and technical content, it is essential that your customers can easily understand the intentions of your website and perceive the immediate and intrinsic values ​​of your business.

Constant additions and modifications of the content in question;

To foster an interactive and dynamic website, it is essential to make regular changes: update and add information, remove outdated and unnecessary information, adapt and improve content according to the needs of your target audience.

Regular updates of web pages;

An up-to-date site takes the place of information taking into account the most recent data. Updating the pages allows internet users to have the latest information and avoids a large number of administrative errors such as misunderstandings regarding certain products or services.

Strategic writing through digital blogs;

Blogging is an effective way to present additional information on a particular topic and to create interactive and dynamic articles. Internet users can then easily refer to your blog through hyperlinks that are strategically developed by our specialists.

Regular updates of web pages;

An up-to-date site takes the place of information taking into account the most recent data. Updating the pages allows Internet users to have the latest information and avoids a large number of administrative errors such as misunderstandings regarding certain products or services.

Lengths of texts adapted to the subjects dealt with (up to 700 words).

The number of words in a text can have a lot of influence on web content and, more specifically, its SEO. This concept varies from company to company and that is why we take the time to learn about your story to get off on the right foot. Knowing how to recognize the importance of lengths is an inherent part of our work.

Why do we need to offer quality content writing?

In general, bad writing causes ambiguities and misunderstandings, which could lead to problems that directly affect your sales.

Creating high quality content requires great expertise and cannot be left in the hands of just anyone. In other words, the intention or the editorial tone must be approached according to the socio-cultural context in which your company operates. Should we popularize the texts or are we dealing with specialized texts? One does not preclude the other, but knowing how to distinguish between them requires a great deal of skill.

Why should I avoid spelling mistakes?

In addition, neglecting the quality of the language such as the presence of grammatical and spelling errors often gives rise to poor professionalism and in most cases gives the impression of amateur work. Trusting us in building or redesigning your website also means trusting our editorial staff and specialists to create high quality content for you, optimized for SEO.

Web design can support your SEO and web copywriting

Offered a la carte and payable on a monthly basis, our SEO and content creation packages will give you a complete analysis of the competitive market and business strategies that ensure that SEO optimized positioning is kept at the forefront.

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