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No matter what industry you are in, maintaining and hosting a website is crucial when it comes to, among other things, its durability, performance and security.

Maintenance aims to maintain the performance of your website in terms of:


The execution and download speed;

In order to ensure a good user experience for every Internet user, the opening of your pages must be instantaneous. Slowness could lead to a loss of customers and a decline in your SEO.


Constant updating;

An up-to-date site can spot potential issues and fix them immediately, which will also help speed up execution and keep data secure.


Data monitoring, backup and protection;

Our agency ensures the protection of your data and that of your clients at all times.


And the optimal functioning of your digital platform.

Our duty is to combine speed, security and reliability in order to guarantee you optimal performance of your pages at all times.


Security and prevention in the event of a cyberattack;

Nothing better to instill confidence in Internet users and forge an online reputation than a secure website.



We will regularly check all the important features like filling out signature forms, contact forms, payment forms, etc. to make sure everything is working properly.

Prevent attacks

Since a cyberattack happens quickly, we prefer prevention rather than cure. Our agency is equipped with the best security technologies available on the market to ensure full identification of doubtful or dangerous sources in order to eliminate any threats that could compromise the proper functioning of your website.


A web host is a storage space on which websites can be created and viewed. To keep your web page accessible to its full potential and at maximum speed at all times, our services provide you with a server that meets your website’s needs.

Given its abundant quantity on the market, a web host is a problem that concerns many entrepreneurs in Quebec and Canada. How do you choose the best type of web hosting for your website? How much should you invest?

Do not panic ! Our specialization in the field leads us first to develop with you a strategic business plan specific to your company, your field or your industry. Knowing your needs and those of your business will allow us to target the ideal product. We then establish more specific criteria that will guide your final choice, including:

What are the criteria for choosing a web host in Canada?

Evolution over time.

In order for your website to perform well, you need to consider how far your business will grow so that your website will be fit to receive new data when it expands.

The type of servers.

There are three main types of web servers, varying in capacity and price. You don’t have to pay an excessive amount for a web host if your website doesn’t require it. Our experts will be able to guide you in your choice.

Shared server.

As the name suggests, it’s a sharing of space. Your website will therefore be registered with other sites. The advantages: Easy, simple, economical, perfect for small businesses.

VPS (Virtual Private Sector).

Your site will have its own storage space, but will be saved on a database powered by several other websites. The advantages: Long-term development, speed of execution, higher security.

Dedicated server .

Storage space exclusive to your site. The costs do increase, but if your site requires it, the investment is worth it. The Benefits: Perfect for large volume businesses, sharing space with your own customers, maximum performance and speed.

Local or foreign servers.

Although it is not mandatory to buy local, it still helps to encourage Quebec and Canadian companies. This is also a way to optimize your SEO, since the geographic position of web hosts can influence the SEO of your platform.

Web design offers you optimal hosting solutions

Maintaining and hosting a website are the ideal tools to instill confidence in your customers in the belief that they can navigate with confidence on a reliable site. It is fundamental to guarantee a unique customer experience for each potential Internet user in order to maximize conversions.
Our skills lead us to work in the sense that your web pages must be attractive, reliable, fast, durable and efficient. And our work begins now!

Trust us with your project.


What Clients Say

“It’s not just the theme that’s great, customizable, flexible it gives you insane amounts of control and all of the pre designed layouts are really clean and thoughtfully designed.”

— Richard B.

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