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Creation of an online store

An e-commerce website means designing an online store where your business can sell its products and offer its services. Whether you browse on a computer or a mobile (phone, tablet), our agency offers solutions for all types of digital media.

Why create an online store?


The increase in the volume of customers, who will buy directly from their computer or mobile, and the geographic increase in your industry, which will bring customers outside the region or even the country;


Exhaustive control of your platform, which will allow you to manage and modify elements at any time;
Instant receipt of payments;
And taking more precise market analyzes, which will allow your business to adapt and constantly improve.


24/7 accessibility to your online pages, which means your sales will continue outside of business hours and even when you are away;

«Speed, reliability and performance » will become the first words spoken when browsing the pages of your store.

1. WordPress: This multitasking system allows both small and large businesses to offer all types of products and services, customize pages to their image and quickly receive payments by credit card.

2. Magento: More than 250,000 merchants today benefit from Magento. It offers a large number of interesting features: mobile support, multilingualism, fast payment, platform monitoring, customer services, SEO optimization, etc.

3. Woocommerce: Recognized for both its simplicity and its efficiency, it has been adopted by more than 380,000 companies to date thanks to its many advantages: ease of installation , platform customization, automatic inventory, product classification, arrangement of various payment methods, etc.

4. Shopify: Unlike its competitors, this Canadian system specializes only in online store design. It offers solutions for managing and modifying web pages, creating coupons and discounts online, fast payments via credit cards, Bitcoin, PayPal, and more.

SEO optimized transactional site + a good user experience

Why is SEO important for your business?

Also note that the proper functioning of an online store is greatly influenced by SEO optimization, the creation of an original brand image, quality after-sales support as well as a unique and singular user experience.

Why our agency makes the difference?

Conception Web is a web agency that combines passion for design and expertise in development. Each of our projects is tailor-made to highlight our clients and their content, combining modern design and attention to detail.

Why an expert SEO agency?

Our SEO specialist has the expertise to bring your e-commerce website to the forefront, which will drive more traffic to your pages and popularize your business.

How do we increase your visibility?

Your products and services may be the subject of advertising campaigns on search engines and social networks. And with just one click, an interested Internet user will be redirected directly to using hyperlinks on your site to shop.


A site that respects your values and your brand image.

What’s our priority?

First and foremost, creating and maintaining your online reputation. Once your image – clean, original, attractive and durable – on the web is created, we can refer to your brand symbols (name, slogan, logo and graphic charter) to know that your online business offers quality products or services on a reliable and secure site.

How do we keep track of you?

To do this, through its after-sales support, maintenance and hosting services, our specialized team ensures the proper maintenance of your online store, designed on a content management system specific to your needs.

Basic online store

Starting at $ 399 per month


Upscale Boutique

Starting at $ 499 per month


Premium Shop

Starting at $ 599 per month




We work closely with each client through all phases of planning, carefully developing creative and individual concepts in order to convey their message to new audiences. Discover our web creations.

Trust us with your project.


What Clients Say

“It’s not just the theme that’s great, customizable, flexible it gives you insane amounts of control and all of the pre designed layouts are really clean and thoughtfully designed.”

— Richard B.